Welcome to my garden.

Hey there! Follow me into my world of garden experiments and …..adventures? In my garden you will find snakes, birds, cats and worms, but you won’t find any chemicals. If we have pests or problems, or just want bigger and sweeter produce, we use natural ingredients and we use what we have around the house and yard. There is lots of experiments going on within our fence and it is all fun!

When the garden starts to give back, its time to cook. I am not one to take the recipe book out often and when I do it is just a guideline, I do what I want and everything I do becomes my own.  I have decided  to start writing down my recipes, not only so that I can explain my cooking when someone tastes it but so that I can share the recipes.

So If you are in for a pinch of weird and a dash of unconventional, stick around.